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Gryllinae - field crickets Mogoplistinae - scaly crickets Oecanthinae - tree crickets
Gryllotalpidae - mole crickets Myrmecophilinae - ant crickets Pentacentrinae - anomalous crickets
Eneopterinae - bush crickets Nemobiinae - ground crickets Trigonidiinae - sword-tail crickets/trigs

Checklist of Crickets North of Mexico

Family Gryllotalpidae - mole crickets
Gryllotalpa - seven-spurred mole crickets
Gryllotalpa cultriger - western mole cricket
Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa - European mole cricket
Gryllotalpa major - prairie mole cricket
Neocurtilla hexadactyla - northern mole cricket
Scapteriscus - two-clawed mole cricket
Scapteriscus abbreviatus - short-winged mole cricket
Scapteriscus borellii - southern mole cricket
Scapteriscus vicinus - tawny mole cricket

Family Gryllidae (all other crickets)
Subfamily Gryllinae - field crickets
Acheta domesticus - house cricket
Anurogryllus - short-tailed crickets
Anurogryllus arboreus - common short-tailed cricket
Anurogryllus celerinictus - Indies short-tailed cricket
Gryllita arizonae - Arizona cricket
Gryllodes sigillatus - tropical house cricket
Gryllus - field crickets
Gryllus alogus - damp-loving field cricket
Gryllus assimilis - Jamaican field cricket
Gryllus brevicaudus - short-tailed field cricket
Gryllus cayensis - Keys wood cricket
Gryllus firmus - sand field cricket
Gryllus fultoni - southern wood cricket
Gryllus integer - western stutter-trilling cricket
Gryllus lineaticeps - variable field cricket
Gryllus multipulsator - long-chirp field cricket
Gryllus ovisopis - taciturn wood cricket
Gryllus pennsylvanicus - fall field cricket
Gryllus personatus - badlands cricket
Gryllus rubens - southeastern field cricket
Gryllus texensis - Texas field cricket
Gryllus veletis - spring field cricket
Gryllus vernalis - northern wood cricket
Gryllus vocalis - vocal field cricket
Miogryllus - lesser field crickets
Miogryllus lineatus - western striped cricket
Miogryllus saussurei - eastern striped cricket
Velarifictorus micado - Japanese burrowing cricket

Subfamily Eneopterinae - bush crickets
Antillicharis oriobates - Indies bush cricket
Hapithus - flightless bush crickets
Hapithus agitator - restless bush cricket
Hapithus brevipennis - short-winged bush cricket
Hapithus melodius - musical bush cricket
Orocharis - loud-singing bush crickets
Orocharis diplastes - Keys bush cricket
Orocharis luteolira - false jumping bush cricket
Orocharis nigrifrons - black-faced bush cricket
Orocharis saltator - jumping bush cricket
Orocharis tricornis - three-horned bush cricket
Tafalisca lineatipes - robust bush cricket
Xenogryllus species? - lychee bush cricket

Subfamily Mogoplistinae - scaly crickets
Cycloptiloides americanus - Saussureís scaly cricket
Cycloptilum - common scaly crickets
Cycloptilum ainiktos - obscure scaly cricket
Cycloptilum albocircum - banded scaly cricket
Cycloptilum bidens - two-toothed scaly cricket
Cycloptilum comprehendens - syncopated scaly cricket
Cycloptilum distinctum - distinctive scaly cricket
Cycloptilum exsanguis - pale scaly cricket
Cycloptilum irregularis - Keys scaly cricket
Cycloptilum kelainopum - black-faced scaly cricket
Cycloptilum pigrum - reluctant scaly cricket
Cycloptilum quatrainum - four-pair scaly cricket
Cycloptilum slossoni - Slossonís scaly cricket
Cycloptilum spectabile - spectacular scaly cricket
Cycloptilum squamosum - Scudderís scaly cricket
Cycloptilum tardum - slow scaly cricket
Cycloptilum trigonipalpum - forest scaly cricket
Cycloptilum velox - swift scaly cricket
Cycloptilum zebra - zebra scaly cricket
Hoplosphyrum boreale - long-winged scaly cricket
Oligacanthopus prograptus -silent scaly cricket

Subfamily Myrmecophilinae - ant crickets
Myrmecophilus manni - Mannís ant cricket
Myrmecophilus nebrascensis - Nebraska ant cricket
Myrmecophilus oregonensis - Oregon ant cricket
Myrmecophilus pergandei - eastern ant cricket

Subfamily Nemobiinae - ground crickets
Allonemobius - robust ground crickets
Allonemobius allardi - Allardís ground cricket
Allonemobius fasciatus - striped ground cricket
Allonemobius fultoni - Fultonís ground cricket
Allonemobius funeralis - dusky ground cricket
Allonemobius griseus - gray ground cricket
Allonemobius maculatus - spotted ground cricket
Allonemobius shalontaki - Choctaw ground cricket
Allonemobius socius - southern ground cricket
Allonemobius sparsalus - salt-marsh ground cricket
Allonemobius tinnulus - tinkling ground cricket
Allonemobius walkeri - Walkerís ground cricket
Eunemobius - even-spurred ground crickets
Eunemobius carolinus - Carolina ground cricket
Eunemobius confusus - confused ground cricket
Eunemobius melodius - melodious ground cricket
Hygronemobius alleni - mangrove ground cricket
Neonemobius - small ground crickets
Neonemobius nr. mormonius - collared ground cricket
Neonemobius cubensis - Cuban ground cricket
Neonemobius eurynotus - California ground cricket
Neonemobius mormonius - Mormon ground cricket
Neonemobius palustris - sphagnum ground cricket
Neonemobius variegatus - variegated ground cricket
Pictonemobius - bar-faced ground crickets
Pictonemobius ambitiosus - ambitious ground cricket
Pictonemobius arenicola - sandhills ground cricket
Pictonemobius hubbelli - Hubbellís ground cricket
Pictonemobius uliginosus - flatwoods ground cricket

Subfamily Oecanthinae - tree crickets
Neoxabea - smooth-legged tree crickets
Neoxabea bipunctata - two-spotted tree cricket
Neoxabea formosa - Brownsville tree cricket
Oecanthus - common tree crickets
Oecanthus alexanderi - Alexander's tree cricket
Oecanthus argentinus - prairie tree cricket
Oecanthus californicus - western tree cricket
Oecanthus celerinictus - fast-calling tree cricket
Oecanthus exclamationis - Davisís tree cricket
Oecanthus forbesi - Forbesís tree cricket
Oecanthus fultoni - snowy tree cricket
Oecanthus laricis - tamarack tree cricket
Oecanthus latipennis - broad-winged tree cricket
Oecanthus leptogrammus - thin-lined tree cricket
Oecanthus nigricornis - black-horned tree cricket
Oecanthus niveus - narrow-winged tree cricket
Oecanthus pini - pine tree cricket
Oecanthus quadripunctatus - four-spotted tree cricket
Oecanthus rileyi - Rileyís tree cricket
Oecanthus texensis - Texas tree cricket
Oecanthus varicornis - different-horned tree cricket
Oecanthus walkeri - Walker's tree cricket

Subfamily Pentacentrinae - anomalous crickets
Trigonidomimus belfragei - Belfrageís cricket

Subfamily Trigonidiinae - sword-tail crickets/trigs
Anaxipha - brown sword-tail crickets

Anaxipha n. sp. A - Fulton's trig

Anaxipha delicatula - chirping trig

Anaxipha exigua - Sayís trig

Anaxipha imitator - Cuban trig

Anaxipha litarena - beach trig

Anaxipha scia - mangrove trig

Anaxipha n. sp. C - pink-spotted trig

Anaxipha n. sp. H - fast-tinkling trig

Anaxipha n. sp. D - Thomasís trig

Anaxipha n. sp. E - tidewater trig

Anaxipha n. sp. F - slow-tinkling trig

Anaxipha n. sp. G - spring trig

Anaxipha n. sp. I - Calusa trig
Cyrtoxipha - green sword-tail crickets

Cyrtoxipha columbiana - Columbian trig

Cyrtoxipha confusa - complex-trilling trig

Cyrtoxipha gundlachi - Gundlachís trig

Cyrtoxipha nola - mangrove green trig

Falcicula hebardi - Hebardís trig

Phyllopalpus pulchellus - handsome trig