Texas tree cricket
Oecanthus texensis Symes & Collins 2013

 mating pair
calling male

11 s of calling song [955KB]; male from Howard Co., Tex.; 24.8C. (WTL577-4)

Sound spectrogram of 2 s of calling at 24.8°C (WTL577-4). Dominant frequency 3.8 kHz.
Click on spectrogram to hear graphed song.

Identification:  Length 16-17 mm. Most easily differentiated from other species of the varicornis species group by the pulse rate of its calling song and known geographical distribution.

Habitat: Desert, prairie, weedy fields, young secondary forest. Within these habitats specimens have been located on small trees, shrubs, and woody vines including walnut, pinyon pine, mesquite, Osage orange, young oaks, and greenbriar

Season: Adults have been collected from May through September. Annually there is probably only one generation of adults.

Song at 25°C: Continuous, musical trill at 41 p/s and 3.8 KHz.

Song data: Excel worksheet and chart (from spectrographic analyses).

Similar species: Differs from O. californicus in the puse rate of its calling song and in geographical distribution.


References and Links: Symes & Collins 2013 (Supplementary Materials). Collins 2010-date.

More information:  genus Oecanthus, subfamily Oecanthinae.