Supplementary Materials
Systematics and acoustics of North American Anaxipha (Gryllidae: Trigonidiinae)
   by Thomas J. Walker and David H. Funk

These materials consist of 28 [or 54!*] items. Of these, eight are Excel workbooks containing a total of 67 spreadsheets, five are Excel spreadsheets, 13 are PDF files, and two are videos. All are accessible via the links below.

SMTbls_Specimens Specimen records for North American Anaxipha (13 sheets)*
SMTbls_Songs Song recording records of North American Anaxipha (13 sheets)*
SMTbls_MapData Data for the distribution maps of Fig. 1. (13 sheets)
SMTbls_PRtrendlines Candidate trendlines for Fig. 4 (3 sheets)
SMTbls_COIdata Lab and specimen data for DNA barcoding re Fig. 14 (2 sheets)
SMTbls_PDbyRegress Regression-based pulse durations used in Fig.17 (14 sheets)
SMTbls_HF&BLdata HF&BL measurements used in Fig. 19 (4 sheets)
SMTbls_PTPilotStudy Data tables for TW's pilot study of pulse train phrasing (5 sheets)
SMTbl_StridFiles File characters of North American Anaxipha
SMTbl_PRcalculator App that calculates PRvs°C line from a single PR-°C pair
SMTbl_MatingTests DF's 2010 mating tests among inland spp. of exigua group
SMTbl_CFTempCoefs CF temperature coefficients (from literature and this ms.)
SMTbl_PDdataByDM PD data obtained by Direct Method and used in Fig. 17
PDF files  

DF's portrait photos of North American Anaxipha


71 images of male genitalia of N. Amer. Anaxipha

SM_AcalusaRelatives DF's summary of calusa relatives

PRvs°C recordings of all records in SMTbls_Songs


TW's attempt to quantify pulse-train phrasing


DF's log/log plots of PP, PD, PI of six Mid-Atlantic trillers


Tree based on COI sequences of N. Amer. Anaxipha


Measurements and graphs of wing positions in calusa video


WMCs of Allonembius sparsalsus during calling


Estimating PD @ 25° C by linear regression for Fig. 17


Plots of 13 spp. of N.A. Oecanthus, as in Fig.17

SM_Falcicula DF's findings of relation of F. hebardi to N. Am. Anaxipha

DF's account of mating behavior in P. pulchellus

SMvideo1_calusa Video of calusa male courting
SMvideo2_calusaSlo Slowed video of calusa male courting
  *The song and speciemen spreadsheets for each of the 13 species are fundamental to the manuscript but too extensive to be printed in full. To make the two sheets for each species individually accessible, 26 SM items were added. This made redundant the two SM workbooks that host the 26 spreadsheets, but the two were retained as a convenience for those who want to acquire the 26 sheets with only two downloads (and adds only 611 KB to SM). [The individual spreadsheets are already accessible on the species pages of SINA (e.g., and ).]