Gainesville Faculty

Our main campus is located in Gainesville, Florida, however many of our faculty and students are located in UF/IFAS Research and Education Centers (REC) around the state. Below you will find all of our faculty and graduate students in Gainesville and statewide, as well as staff and post-doctoral fellows associated with our Gainesville campus.

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Gainesville Faculty

Tolulope A. Agunbiade
Biosecurity and IPM
(352) 294-6792

Anthony Auletta
Arthropod Biology
(352) 273-3953

Rebecca Baldwin 
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Urban IPM and Outreach Director
(352) 273-3974

Jeff Bloomquist
Insecticide Toxicology (Emerging Pathogens Institute)
(352) 273-9417

Bryony C. Bonning
Eminent Scholar 
(352) 273-3984

Marc Branham
Associate Professor
Insect Systematics and Taxonomy
(352) 273-3915

Billy Crow
Landscape Nematology
(352) 273-3941

James Cuda
Biological Control
(352) 273-3921

Adam Dale
Assistant Professor
Turfgrass and Ornamental Entomology
(352) 273-3976

Jaret Daniels 
Associate Professor
Lepidoptera Research, Insect Conservation
(352) 273-3916

Peter DiGennaro
Assistant Professor 
Molecular Nematology
(352) 273-3959

Jamie Ellis
Gahan Endowed Professor
Honey Bee Extension and Research
(352) 273-3924

Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman 
Extension Scientist
Integrated Pest Management, Olives
(352) 273-3950

Zane J. Grabau
Assistant Professor
(352) 273-3983

Dan Hahn
Insect Physiology
(352) 273-3968

Amanda Hodges
DPM Director
Invasive Species and Biosecurity
(352) 273-3957

Jiri Hulcr
Assistant Professor
Ambrosia Symbiotic Complex
(352) 273-0299

Cameron Jack
Apiculture Lecturer and 
Distance Education Coordinator
(352) 294-6926

Phillip Kaufman
Veterinary Entomology
(352) 273-3975

Philip Koehler
Endowed Professor
Urban Entomology
(352) 392-2484

Norm Leppla
Professor and IPM Coordinator
IPM, Biological Control
(352) 273-3951

Oscar Liburd
Fruit and Vegetable IPM
(352) 273-3918

Andrea Lucky
Assistant Professor
Insect Systematics
(352) 273-3952

Rachel Mallinger
Assistant Professor
Pollinator Ecology and Conservation
(352) 273-3962

Heather McAuslane 
Professor, Associate Chair, and Graduate Coordinator
Chemical Ecology

Christine Miller
Associate Professor
Behavior and Evolution
(352) 273-3917

Faith Oi
Associate Extension Scientist
Urban Entomology
(352) 273-3971

Roberto Pereira
Research Scientist
Urban Entomology
(352) 273-2485

Dorota Porazinska
Assistant Professor
Nematode Ecology and Soil Microbiomes
(352) 273-2936

Blair Siegfried
Professor and Department Chair
Insect Toxicology
(352) 273-3970

Lisa Taylor
Assistant Research Scientist
Behavioral Ecology
(352) 273-3937

Jennifer Weeks
(352) 273-3955

Adam C.N. Wong
Assistant Professor
Insect-Microbe Interactions
Molecular Entomology
(352) 273-3977