Dr. Dorota Porazinska

Assistant Professor, Nematode Ecology and Soil Microbiomes

As a soil ecologist, Dr. Porazinska is interested in patterns of soil biodiversity, plant-soil biotic interactions, and linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (e.g., carbon and nitrogen cycling, plant productivity, and soil fertility) under different scenarios of environmental change (e.g., climate change, plant invasions, or agricultural management). In addition, her interests extend into areas of classical ecology (e.g., biogeography and community assembly) or molecular diagnostics for biosecurity settings. Her primary pet organism is (no doubt) the Almighty Nematode, but because nematodes are only part of the soil system, plants and soil microbes are not far behind. She relies on classical and modern molecular tools and technologies.



Assistant Professor, Nematode Ecology and Soil Microbiomes