Courtesy and Affiliate Faculty

(who are also on the Graduate Faculty)

Hans Alborn (352) 374-5714 Chemical Ecology,
Sandra Allan (352) 374-5940 Insect Behavior and Chemical Ecology,
Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Donald Barnard (352) 374-5930 Insect Morphology, Mosquito Ecology and of Biting Gnat Vector USDA
James Becnel (352) 374-5961 Biological Control, Microsporidian Parasites of Mosquitoes USDA
Ulrich Bernier (352) 374-5917 Chemical Ecology, Attractants, Repellents, Treated Fabrics USDA
Stephanie Bloem (919) 855-7650 Training Specialist NCSU
Janete Brito (352) 372-3505 ext. 121 Regulatory Nematology, Root-Knot Nematode Identification FDACS
James Cilek (904) 542-5892 Medical and Veterinary Entomology  
Joseph Eger (813) 294-9467 Systematics and Biology of the Pentatomoidea Dow AgroSciences
Thomas Emmel (352) 273-2006 Population Biology FLMNH
Nancy Epsky (786) 573-7088 Chemical Ecology and Insect Behavior USDA
Christopher Geden (352) 374-5919 Biocontrol, Muscoid Fly Parasitoids USDA
Susan Halbert (352) 395-4670 Virus Vector, Aphid Biology, Biological Control, Systematics FDACS
David Hall (772) 462-5897 IPM and Biological Control of Plant-Eating Insects and Mites USDA
Alfred Handler (352) 374-5793 Developmental Genetics USDA
John Heppner (352) 372-3505 ext. 139 Systematics of Lepidoptera FLMNH
Raymond Hix (850) 561-2216 Biological Control of Insect and Weed Pests FAMU
Greg Hodges (352) 395-4627 Scale/Whitefly Taxonomy FDACS
Jerome Hogsette Jr. (352) 374-5912 Control Techniques of House Flies and Stable Flies USDA
Moses Kairo (410) 651-6072   UMES
Lambert Kanga (850) 599-8478 Entomology, Ecology, Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics FAMU
Akito Kawahara (352) 273-2018 Lepidoptera Systematics, Evolution, Genomics, Behaviour FLMNH
Daniel Kline (352) 374-5933 Medical and Veterinary Entomology USDA
Paul Linser   Developmental and Molecular Biology of Disease Vector Arthopods UF
Kenneth Linthicum (352) 374-5700 Medical and Veterinary Entomology USDA
Richard Mankin (352) 374-5774 Insect Ecology, Insect Bioacoustics, Mating Behavior USDA
Robert Meagher (352) 374-5756 Integrated Pest Management and Insect Behavior USDA
Jacqueline Miller (352) 273-2016 Lepidoptera FLMNH
David Oi (352) 374-5987 IPM on Fire Ants USDA
Manuel Pescador (850) 561-2214 Biosystematics, Ecology, Phylogeny, Zoogeography FAMU
Frederick Petitt   IPM, Biological Control, Applied Ecology Epcot
Sanford Porter (352) 374-5914 Behavior and Ecology of Fire Ants, Medical Entomology USDA
Eric Rohrig (352) 395-4744 Bureau Chief - Methods Development & Biological Control, Division of Plant Industry FDACS
Robert Shatters (772) 462-5912 Interactions Among Plants, Phytophagous Insects and Plant Diseases USDA
Paul Shirk (352) 374-5834 Insect Endocrinology and Molecular Biology USDA
David Shoemaker (352)374-5942 Population and Evolutionary Genetics USDA
Paul Skelley (352) 372-3505 ext. 424 Beetle Taxonomy FDACS
Trevor Smith (352) 395-4746 Biology and Systematics, Biological Control FDACS
Andrei Sourakov (352) 273-2013 Lepidoptera Systematics, DNA Barcoding, Ecology and Conservation FLMNH
Gary Steck (352) 395-4676 Insect Systematics, Biological Control, Ecology FDACS
Bruce Stevens (352) 392-4880 Physiology and Molecular Biology UF
James Tumlinson III (814) 863-1770 Chemistry of Insect Pheromones and Other Biological Products PSU
Robert Vander Meer (352) 374-5855 Chemical Ecology USDA
Gregory Wheeler (954) 475-6546 Weed Biocontrol USDA
Keith Willmott (352) 273-2012 Lepidoptera Systematics, Ecology and Conservation FLMNH