Bug Faire - Fall 2009

On 8 December 2009, Dr. Carl Barfield's Fall 2009 "Bugs and People" Course (ENY 1001) was responsible for another insect infestion on the University of Florida's Turlington Plaza. Below are just a sampling of the pests and their hosts (bug food) that appeared there.

Quick! Where's the insecticide?


It took some work to produce the wings on these butterflies.

A real creepy-crawly type.

A man-killer — the black widow spider.

Dr. Barfield and students.

Miss Clothes Moth.

Little Miss Muffet and friends.

A feast fit for a parasitoid.

If only all caterpillars were this tasty.

More bees and ??

Uh... None for me, thank you.

Are dung balls an appetizer or dessert?

The winning costume — a giant mesquite bug! (ventral view)

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