The K.I.S.S Pages


1. Get rid of the hot air and silly errors

2. Eliminate the bad grammar

3. Those foreign diacritical marks ("accents")

4. It's all Greek to me, Greek and Latin words adopted into English

5. What Latin abbreviations mean

6. How to handle scientific names of genera, families, etc.

7. How to handle scientific names of species

8. The problem with "common" names

9. Understanding how species names are formed

10. How to pronounce scientific names

11. Current misuse of Greek and Latin words

12. Scientific writing as constrasted with journalese and English literature

13. Especially for Hispanic students

14. How to talk to journalists

15. First name, middle initial, last name

16. How dates are written and abbreviated

17. Abbreviations of Names of U. S. States

18. Bureaucratese

19. Dictionaries

20. Greek and Cyrillic alphabets

21. Glossary of expressions in biocontrol

22. Vowel sounds in English

23. Pronunciation of compound words in English

24. Patronyms (for aspiring taxonomists)

25. How to cite the literature

26. Index to words used in these pages