UF/IFAS Pests In and Around the Home - version 2.0

A Knowledgebase of Urban, Structural, Lawn and Landscape Pests
and Their Management

Pests In and Around the Home v. 2.0 is a computerized knowledgebase of urban, structure, lawn and landscape pests. While the lawn and landscape sections are oriented to the southeastern U.S., the urban and structural sections have relevance to North America, if not the whole world.

The CD-ROM contains information on pest biology, life cycle, identification, distribution, damage, and management. The knowledgebase stresses the principles of Integrated Pest Management, and allows users quick access to hundreds of scientific definitions, 150+ graphics and 400+ full-color photographs.

This version has scores of new color images. In addition, scores of other images were replaced with higher resolution copies. Version 2.0 also contains a new section on vertebrates that are common pests throughout the country, as well as the iguanas that are now a problem in south Florida.

Other additions include graphical identification keys to many common pest species or groups, detailed images showing detailed morphological structure of many groups of insect, and numerous links to other sources of information on the World Wide Web. Lastly, the information in this new version was updated to reflect the latest knowledge in many areas, along with information on new problems such as West Nile virus.

The following is a listing of the main section headings and contents:

The Pests In and Around the Home v. 2.0 CD-ROM runs on any Mac and Windows-PC with a CD-ROM drive and graphical World Wide Web browser software.

Pests In and Around the Home v. 2.0 (SW-126) costs $15. Quantity and reseller discounts available. Call the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore at (352) 392-1764 or (800) 226-1764, or order online.

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