UF/IFAS Butterfly Tutorials

These two tutorials provide information on a number of butterflies commonly seen in Florida and the southeastern United States. The Florida Butterfly tutorials are based on two color sheets developed by the UF/IFAS Department of Entomology and Nematology. These color sheets, as well as many others on general household, lawn and ornamental, and vegetable arthropods are available from the UF IFAS/Extension Bookstore (352-392-1764 or 800-226-1764). The UF/IFAS Featured Creatures WWW site (click on species links) also offers information and color photographs on a number of butterfly species.

The tutorials require the Windows operating system.

Click on the tutorial title to download a copy.

Florida Butterflies 1 covers the caterpillars and adults of the following five species: cloudless sulpher, giant swallowtail, Gulf fritillary, longtailed skipper and zebra longwing.

Florida Butterflies 2 covers the caterpillars and adults of the following five species: eastern black swallowtail, monarch, viceroy, European cabbage butterfly and atala.

For information on tutorials of other insects and arthropods in this series, that can be used for training, see the file on Bug Tutorials. For tutorials that can be used to earn Continuing Education Units for license recertification in several states, and/or Florida Technician Training, see the files on CEU Tutorials.

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see the University of Florida Buggy Software site.

For information on other butterflies and moths with numerous color photographs,
see the UF/IFAS Featured Creatures WWW site.

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