NicoleNicole Casuso

When I was a child my parents always told me I had such a fascination and passion for plants and animals, great and small. I remember loving the outdoors in all forms, whether playing with my cousins outside our five-family apartment building in Brooklyn, or traveling to Forest Hill and Central Park. I liked building bird houses and slingshots, pretty much anything with some essence of nature. That fondness grew tenfold over the years, strengthened by the education I received from an environmental magnet program during high school. It was as a student of the Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy that I explored the competitive aspect of natural sciences via participation with Envirothon Environmental Science Competition for 3 years. As my understanding of ecology and environmental sciences deepened, I became all the more enthralled by the idea of pursuing some sort of career which would grant me diverse opportunities to work both in the field and in a lab. I then continued my journey to higher education and received my Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science with a Soil and Water Science Minor from the University of Florida in December 2012. Following my graduation, I knew that the Doctor of Plant Medicine Program would be the next step I wanted to take in my academic adventure. Currently I work for the UF Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM Green Industries Best Management Practices Program. I hope to become GI-BMP Certified in the near future and possibly a Certified GI-BMP Instructor. I would like to use the skills and knowledge gained from this job in conjunction with the tools I gain from my DPM education to obtain employment in Extension or Community Outreach. I aim to assist private homeowners, small businesses, and our youth with their own understanding of the environment. I cannot wait to be more knowledgeable on the subjects of plant pathology, entomology and nematology, and the plant/soil sciences so that I can share my expertise as a future DPM with others.

ericEric LeVeen

Dr. LeVeen is a sixth generation American descendant of German and Dutch farmers, doctors, and veterinarians. He received his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Clemson University, and advanced into a position as an Heirloom Vegetable Seed and Production Specialist. He is devoted to comprehensive, unbiased, perpetual learning and application of practical expertise in all areas related to agriculture. Dr. LeVeen welcomes life's challenges and blessings as opportunities for personal and professional growth. Dr. LeVeen graduated from the Doctor of Plant Medicine Program in Fall 2015. He is currently the State Coordinator of the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey



weigelCarla Burkle

Dr. Carla Burkle graduated from the DPM program during 2014. Following graduation, Dr. Burkle completed a short-term post-doctoral associate position in the UF, BRE laboratory (January-June 2015). Dr. Burkle is currently an Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor at the Nassau County School Board.





mcleanSarahlynne Guerrero

Sarahlynne Guerrero graduated from her MS program during 2014. Her thesis work was entitled: “Development and Evaluation of Biorational Dips for Ornamental Cuttings Infested with the Madeira Mealybug, Phenacoccus madeirensis Green.” Ms. Guerrero accepted a position in the structural fumigation market with Dow AgroSciences in California prior to her graduation.




kooramPaula Kelly

Paula Kelly graduated from her MS (non-thesis) distance program during 2014. As an Agricultural Specialist with the US Customs and Border Protection, she has been able to utilize her degree for various work responsibilities, including port inspections and educational trainings for other colleagues.





Ashley Poplin

Ashley Poplin graduated from her MS program during 2013. Her thesis work was entitled: “A Florida Perspective on Host Preference, Early Detection, and Identification of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys (Stål).” Throughout her degree program, Ms. Poplin enjoyed relating her entomology knowledge to her passion for forensic science. Ms. Poplin accepted a position as a Crime Scene Investigator with Orange County, Florida prior to her graduation.




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